How to Wash an Electric Blanket – [Step by Step]

You may feel intimidated when cleaning an electric blanket, even if it is hazardous. Is it safe to mix water and electricity? No thanks. It’s time to stop pretending you don’t notice that ice cream stain and learn how to properly wash the electric blanket every month, before storing it, and whenever it gets soiled in order to keep it soft and cozy.

If you want to wash them successfully, you need to pay attention to the washing cycle so that minimal water and heat are exposed to them.

Wash by Machine

Wash by Machine

You can machine-wash electric blankets if hand-washing isn’t your thing — just be cautious. There are several options here.

Before washing your electric blanket, Sunbeam recommends presoaking it in cold water and mild soap for 15 minutes. Wash the blanket on the “gentle” or “delicate” setting in mild soap and water after it has been soaked. Let it spin dry before rinsing in fresh, cold water.

You may also want to fill the washing machine with warm water (ensure that the setting is “gentle” or “delicate”) and detergent, then let it agitate for a minute. After that is completed, stop the washer and add the blanket in, letting it soak for 15 minutes. Once the washer has been turned off for two minutes, turn it back on and let it run for two more minutes.

Wash by Hand

Wash by Hand

In order to prevent any damage to the blanket, you should first unplug it, as well as disconnect the cord from it. You should then double-check and make sure all the cords are disconnected, then fill a tub with lukewarm water (enough water for your blanket to move about freely, the exact amount you need depends on its size).

Adding mild laundry detergent and swishing the water until it is sudsy will do the trick. Once your blanket is soaked, let it sit for 15 minutes.

Once your blanket has soaked for a few minutes, gently squeeze it for a minute and then take it out of the sudsy water. Remove excess water by gently squeezing the blanket, but do not wring it.

How To Dry

How to Wash Electric Blanket

Although you might not think it possible, you can actually dry electric blankets in a dryer. Simply be sure to use a low setting to avoid damaging the wiring in the blanket, which is why you should avoid using laundromats and commercial dryers.

In Sunbeam’s recommendation, the dryer should be set to low for two minutes then the blanket placed in the dryer and tumble-dried (still on low) for ten minutes. The blanket will then need to be hung to dry.

You can also hang dry your blanket from the beginning if you cannot use a dryer or would just prefer not to. To stretch the blanket, make sure it is stretched to its original size and shape, then hang it on the clothesline. Please note: Sunbeam recommends not using clothespins.

Once you have dried your electric blanket completely and thoroughly, you should not use it again. If you do, you may damage the wiring.

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Storing an Electric Blanket

How to Wash Electric Blanket

Heating mattress pads and electric blankets are usually put away during warm weather. To ensure your blanket is stored properly and ready for your first cold snap, use this checklist.

Step 1

Check the blanket and wall for exposed wiring, scorched areas, rips, or tears after disconnecting the controls. Assess whether the blanket can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Step 2

The blanket should be washed and dried carefully before storing. Before storing, make sure it is completely dry. If there are any cracks or darkened areas on the controls or cords, make sure they are covered. A new blanket should be used if these are found.

Step 3

The blanket or pad should be rolled gently after it has been cleaned and completely dried. Make sure that your folds are not sharp or hard, as they could damage the inner wires. Keep the container in a dry, climate-controlled area that is free from insects and rodents.

Step 4

Unplugging the controllers and cords from the blanket or pad is a good idea. Keep the cords loosely coiled, and make sure they’re not crimped or pinched. To prevent dust from settling, place the cords and bedding in a soft cloth bag or plastic container.

Additional Tips:

  • Clean with mild detergent, no bleach or any other cleaning fluids.
  • You shouldn’t iron your electric blanket.
  • If you dry clean electric blankets or heating pads, the solvents used may damage the wires.
  • Electric blankets should not be sprayed with mothball spray or other sprays.
  • The blanket’s controller should never be submerged in water.


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