Best TV under $1000 Consumer Reports – [2023 Reviewed]

When shopping for the best TVs under $1000, you need to choose a TV that offers great performance and all of the essential features but without the extra frills that drive the price up to a premium level.

Our list of the best TVs under $1000 will narrow down your search by avoiding the extras and the very latest ranges so you can get the best TV without spending thousands. Getting a great TV without spending a fortune is the end result.

For less than a grand, you can get a big screen, a smart TV with plenty of features, or a model designed for quality. Here are the best TVs we review from among dozens that we review every year.

TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K UHD
SAMSUNG 65-inch TU-8000 Series
Sony X90J 50 Inch TV
Hisense ULED Premium 65-Inch
SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q60T Series

1. TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K UHD

TCL 55-inch 6-Series 4K UHD

A new budget TV, the TCL 6-Series R635 is a bright beacon for TV buyers on a tight budget. Using Mini LED backlighting, improves on the good value of the previous 6-Series QLED with a major improvement, in contrast, showcasing Mini LED technology well prior to Samsung or LG incorporating it into their TV ranges.

There’s no haloing or light bleeding with the 6-Series. It’s brighter, more colorful, and has better contrast than before. In addition to hiding your cables, it features THX Certified Game Mode for 1440p/120Hz gaming.

It’s a good display for upscaling from HD, thanks to TCL’s AiPQ Engine, and you get a lot of features for your money, including Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio.

The LED-LCD is not the all-encompassing device we expected it to be due to its limited brightness (around 700 nits in HDR) and poor motion handling, but overall, it is an exceptional value, and would recommend it to anyone.

If you’re buying a TV to binge Netflix, stream Hulu, or, well, if you’re enjoying your viewing experience, this is the television we would recommend. It’s not exactly the TV we would recommend to next-gen-ready gamers looking for a TV that can output 4K at 120 fps, but it is the one we would recommend if you’re just buying a TV for Netflix and streaming.

2. SAMSUNG 65-inch TU-8000 Series

SAMSUNG 65-inch TU-8000 Series

Samsung’s affordable 4K TV comes with a Crystal processor and automatic upscaling feature that doesn’t compromise on resolution. Additionally, Crystal refers to the TV’s color range and color tuning, allowing you to view and enjoy visuals as they were intended.

This model also supports HDR, so you won’t have to adjust any settings to make your content look better, regardless of whether it offers HDR optimization.

As standard, the TV comes with Samsung’s OneRemote remote control, which can be used to control several smart devices at once, although if you’d prefer not to use remote controls as much as possible, the TV also supports both Amazon’s Alexa and Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant.

Furthermore, you have options like Auto Game Mode, which minimizes input lag automatically and will work well with consoles.

3. Sony X90J 50 Inch TV

Sony X90J 50 Inch TV

New processor powers our mid-range 4K LED model, replacing the Sony X900H, our previous top model. It also features two HDMI 2.1 ports, making it ideal for use with next-generation gaming consoles, such as the PlayStation 5. However, it does not feature variable refresh rates as of yet.

Rather than the old Android TV platform used by the X900H, the X90J makes use of the new Google TV platform. As a result of the Cognitive Processor XR and the XR Triluminos Pro engine, great color reproduction is achieved, with crisp and clear edges.

4. Hisense ULED Premium 65-Inch

Hisense ULED Premium 65-Inch

It doesn’t matter what you are looking for in a TV, the 65-inch Hisense U7G will meet all of your requirements. It’s without a doubt one of the best TVs you can buy at the moment.

Hisense has risen to stardom in recent years, with more and more models taking up residence in our favorite brick-and-mortar stores.

There are three sizes available for the U7G: 55-, 65-, and 75-inches. Models 55-inches and 65-inches retail for less than $1,000, while 75-inches cost $1,200. In terms of picture quality, Hisense has packed the U7G with as much technology as it can, including exclusive ULED technologies.

These are boosts to color, contrast, brightness, and motion that work with the TV’s 4K display. Among the key features of a Hisense TV is Quantum Dot-lighting, and the U7G is no exception. Especially at this price, you can expect bold colors unlike any other.

Gaming is one of the main considerations in any large-screen television purchase, and Hisense is well versed in this arena. Using U7G’s high-speed HDMI inputs, Game Mode Pro provides top-notch motion, reduced input lag, screen jitter, and other gaming-centric distortions. If you have a PS5 or Xbox, you will not find a better experience.

The 65-inch Hisense U7G offers Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos support, a smart Android TV interface, and Google Assistant, which makes it one of the top TVs available right now.

5. SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q60T Series

SAMSUNG 65-inch Class QLED Q60T Series

To put it another way, the goal of the Q60T range is to provide customers with the most colorful QLED screen at the lowest possible price – or, to put it another way, to give users the largest QLED screen possible within their budget.

A 4K source renders images that are pleasing to the eye. The colors are vibrant yet natural, the contrasts are strong and the detail levels are lavish.

Likewise, upscaling from lesser resolutions is achieved with very little picture noise, and colors are perfectly balanced.

However, it has a lower brightness than more expensive models, and it does not have the same level of fine control over contrast as more expensive models.

It still uses Samsung’s Tizen-based operating system/user interface, which is as good as it gets – responsive, logical, and not too obtrusive.

Moreover, when ‘Game’ mode is enabled, it offers a sub-10ms response time. It has the usual Samsung quality of build and finish – it doesn’t look like it’s designed to sell for less.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Basically, there are only a few factors that matter when it comes to TVs. Make sure the set is within your budget, that it has the basic features you want, and that it doesn’t have any performance issues.

Despite the low price, you can still get many of the top features on higher-priced sets, including QLED for great colors and brightness, voice control and smart home integration, and Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos surround sound.

The sets from last year may not be as good as the ones from this year, but they’re still very good and are a great value.


You’ll find great options for 55, 65, and even 75-inch TVs above, so your budget won’t stop you from getting the TV of your dreams.


It is recommended that you purchase a set that supports a high dynamic range (HDR). When you have a choice, opt for Dolby Vision support instead of HDR10 when it is available.


Whenever possible, choose a TV that has four HDMI ports. Although they are more expensive, HDMI 2.1 connections are preferred on TVs.

Compared to older models, they offer better gaming features and will keep your television up-to-date for a longer period of time.

Smart TV features

Almost every TV available these days is smart, so you shouldn’t hesitate to get one. It is important to make sure that the operating system of the TV in question can run the apps you want because not all of them can. There are also platforms that offer features like smart home controls and voice assistants.

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