Best Artificial Christmas Trees Consumer Reports – [2023]

We know embracing an artificial tree can be a big step for a homeowner used to a live tree, but we think you’ll be impressed with the best artificial Christmas trees on the market…and once you go faux, you may never go back.

If you don’t remember to water the tree, you won’t have pine needles littering the ground, sap on your hands, and pine needles littering the ground once the tree is in the stand.

You’ll find lush, full Christmas trees that will fool even the most discerning eye, as well as fun, festive updates with pops of color and other surprises. Let us please you with all of it!

Puleo International Artificial Christmas Tree
Balsam Hill 7ft Artificial Christmas Tree
National Tree Company ‘Feel Real’ Nordic Spruce
Puleo International 7 ft Artificial Christmas Tree
National Tree Company Douglas Fir

1. Puleo International Artificial Christmas Tree

Puleo International Artificial Christmas Tree

This artificial fir tree from Puleo International looks like something out of a Scandinavian forest. At the bottom, it’s wide, and at the top it tapers into a sparser branch pattern, creating a realistic appearance. 1,319 polyethylene branch tips and 700 white lights are included.

2. Balsam Hill 7ft Artificial Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill 7ft Artificial Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill’s tree looks like blue spruce because it’s expertly crafted. There are 2,366 branch tips for an abundance of branches. A foot pedal controls the 800 warm-toned lights, and the rubber feet protect your floors from scratching. For set up and disassembly, each purchase comes with a storage bag and fluffy gloves.

3. National Tree Company ‘Feel Real’ Nordic Spruce

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Nordic Spruce

Choosing an artificial Christmas tree is one of the best things about it. You can find options that look and feel just like real trees. Feel Real Nordic Spruce from the National Tree Company, for example, received a perfect score for its realistic appearance.

In addition to instructions, it includes links to video tutorials. The video was not necessary for us to view, but it was nice to know that it was available if further assistance is required.

We found it helpful to shape the branches as we assembled them, as suggested by the instructions. The top section of the tree also required two testers to remove for storage, and it proved difficult to return to its box. Because of this, the tree received a low score for disassembly.

Based on our assessment of the color and texture of the branches, we awarded this tree an excellent score for appearance. The tree is made with Feel Real branch tip technology.

A nice finishing touch is provided by the 900 pre-strung UL-listed clear lights throughout the tree. There is only one setting on the lights, and there is no on/off foot switch as on some other lights. It’s important to keep that in mind if you think that’s important to a tree.

4. Puleo International 7 ft Artificial Christmas Tree

Puleo International 7 Foot Artificial Christmas Tree

Puleo Fraser Fir Artificial Christmas Trees are a great option for those trying to find a minimal tree they can decorate themselves. There is no lighting or decoration on the simple tree, so you can decorate it as you wish and even change it up every year.

Despite being quick to assemble, this tree was heavy and needed a lot of fluffing before it was ready to display. During assembly and disassembly, some of the tree’s sprigs scratched the tester’s hands and arms. We would have appreciated gloves with the tree. Disassembly was fast, despite vague instructions, giving the tree a perfect score.

When you’re scheduling time for assembly, keep in mind that the branches are somewhat difficult to move because of the required fluffing. Nevertheless, we appreciate that this is an option for individuals who want a fully customized tree, including the lights.

5. National Tree Company Douglas Fir

National Tree Company Pre-Lit 'Feel Real' Douglas Fir

National Tree Company’s Feel Real Downswept Douglas Fir (PEDD1-D12-75) is a good compromise between price, realism, and ease of setup when compared with both more expensive and less expensive trees.

There are almost 2,000 lifelike polyethylene branch tips surrounding the center, which is covered with fake PVC “pine needles,” making it similar in construction to most other high-quality artificial trees – but with 37% polyethylene, a higher percentage of lifelike branches, it gives the illusion that the tree is alive.

This tree has 750 built-in LED bulbs that fill its branches nicely, and the lights can be changed from all-white to multicolor to a combination of the two, giving it unparalleled versatility.

If you stack its three sections together, this tree’s trunk-mounted PowerConnect system connects its light strings automatically, rather than requiring you to hunt for their plugs among the foliage.

The tree is generously proportioned, standing almost 5 feet tall and almost 5 feet wide. It will fit comfortably in any corner in the living room. Lastly, it’s easy to set up, widely available, and competitively priced.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Despite the common assumption that all artificial Christmas trees function similarly, a number of factors determine their performance. To learn more about some of the most important factors to consider when buying an artificial Christmas tree for your home, keep reading.

Size and Shape

A wide variety of artificial Christmas trees are available, ranging from tiny tabletop trees to towering models for homes with high ceilings. Establish the right size for your home by measuring the space before purchasing a tree.

The most popular tree size in the United States is 7.5 feet because the standard ceiling height is 8 feet. To keep things consistent, this guide includes details about this size. The shapes of artificial trees can also vary. For small spaces, tall, thin trees typically look best, while fuller trees look more realistic.

Style and Material

There are seemingly endless options for artificial Christmas trees in terms of style and shape. The majority of artificial trees are created to replicate an authentic evergreen tree, such as blue spruce, a balsam fir, a Douglas fir, or a Fraser fir.

When constructing an artificial tree, the material is the most important factor to take into account. Polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are the two primary materials used to make faux Christmas tree needles. PE offers better quality and realism, but trees made primarily with PE are typically more expensive. When crafting the inner branches of high-end trees, PVC is often used.


The first advantage of artificial trees is that they can be pre-lit, which eliminates the hassle of installing lights. The majority of LED lights are energy-efficient and last for quite a long period of time before they need replacing.

Choose a tree that has at least 100 lights per foot of height for the best lighting effect. White lights can be found on some trees, while multicolored lights are seen on others. Some have the capability of changing colors or introducing flashing lighting patterns with a push of a button.

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