Best Air Ionizer Consumer Reports – [2023 Reviewed]

Nowadays, improving the air quality inside buildings is a hot topic. Aside from keeping your family safe from airborne allergens and viruses, air ionizers can also reduce smoke from wildfires.

A room’s air is ionized by using an air ionizer, which generates negative ions and adds electric charges.

During this process, ions are created, which work to purify the air in your home by attracting and capturing allergens such as dust, pollen, and mold spores, as well as other unhygienic, unpleasant particles that float about.

If you’re looking to purchase an air ionizer to purify your air, keep reading the best air ionizer reviews to learn which air ionizers are the best on the market at present.

Holmes Desktop HEPA-Type Filter
OION Ionic Air Purifier
Ivation Ozone Generator Air Ionizer
Enerzen Ozone Generator 11
Germ Guardian AC4825 22” 3-in-1

1. Holmes Desktop HEPA-Type Filter

Holmes Desktop HEPA-Type Filter

Airborne particles, as small as two microns can be removed from your home by this HEPA air purifier and ionizer. You can adjust the speed to fit your needs. According to the current condition of the air around the device, these settings can be used.

A room that has a surface area of one hundred nine square feet can be fully purified by the ionizer.

The ionizer can be placed horizontally or vertically in order to fit comfortably within as many rooms as possible. If you want to position the ionizer within your space, you can decide where it will be most effective.

2. OION Ionic Air Purifier

OION Ionic Air Purifier

Using our second recommendation, you can enjoy a fresh, allergen-free environment that also smells good and reduces the chance of illness.

Through the combination of carbon filtration and UV-C lighting, the OION also helps fight against smoke, smells, bacteria, and viruses. Both black and silver are available as color options. A nightlight is available as an option.

The coverage area is 300 square feet, so it can handle a large room. Whether you need an air ionizer for a small room or a customized space, this is a great investment.

3. Ivation Ozone Generator Air Ionizer

Ivation Ozone Generator Air Ionizer

If you are in search of the best air purifier ionizer for home or office use that can handle any size space, whether it is large or small, this is the product you need.

The Ivation air cleaner is not only very affordable, but it also has the ability to purify spaces up to 3,500 square feet, making it a perfect choice for apartments, homes, and offices.

The top ionic air cleaner features a dial that can be adjusted to increase or decrease ionization production in order to remove airborne contaminants.

Additionally, to ionization, this air purifier also features an optional ozone (O3) cleaning feature that enhances the air cleaning ability. Air purification removes viruses, bacteria, mold, and other contaminants from the air.

With this powerful machine, no particles will stand a chance. It’s important to keep in mind that O3 can be irritating to some people. Therefore, we recommend that you always use this product in a ventilated room so that ozone can dissipate.

4. Enerzen Ozone Generator 11

Enerzen Ozone Generator 11

This device is a commercial or industrial-grade air ionizer, which can clean and purify the air in your home incredibly well.

This device has both ionizer and deodorizer functions. As a result, your home will be free of any unpleasant smells, including cigarette smoke, paint fumes, must, and more.

Furthermore, this ionizer is capable of eliminating, preventing, and controlling mold growth in your home. The device removes airborne mold, mildew, and fungus particles in order to restore air balance, hygiene, and safety in your home.

5. Germ Guardian AC4825 22” 3-in-1

Germ Guardian AC4825 22” 3-in-1

Ionizers like this one are perfect for medium-sized rooms, like a kitchen, living room, or master bedroom.

This air purifier comes with three different speeds so that it can effectively purify even very low-quality air.

UV-C light technology is included in this ionizer. Specialized technology can remove dangerous airborne allergens, such as viruses, germs, mold, and bacteria, efficiently and thoroughly from the air in your home.

Pollen, mold, and dust are among the irritating particles that can be removed from your home by this system. Even the smallest particles can be trapped by the ionizer, even if they are as small as zero-three microns.

Things to Consider Before Buying

We have outlined below the factors you must consider when choosing your Air Ionizer if you are confused about what specifications and features you need. You will have the best experience with your Air Ionizer if you have the perfect combination of these features.

Additionally, it can guide you in choosing the right Air Ionizer for you, based on its features and specifications.

Maximum Cleaning Area

This factor indicates the size of the area that can be cleaned with your Air Ionizer. When choosing Air Ionizers, it’s important to consider the size of your room.

Large-sized rooms require large area air ionizers, whereas small-sized rooms require small area air ionizers. Ionizers with a cleaning area 20-40% larger than your room size perform optimally.


A good ionizer with an ozone generator should always be your first choice. Molds, spores, paint smells, and bad odors are all removed by this feature. Neither of these things can be taken care of by Air Ionizer alone, as it only removes allergens and pollens.

Nevertheless, today all air ionizers also function as ozone generators. Before you purchase your air ionizer, make sure to check this feature on the product information.

Ozone Output Rate

The point above stated that your machine should also generate ozone. It is now crucial for you to know how much ozone it produces per hour. Ozone Output Rate is the metric for doing so. A unit of measurement for ozone generation is milligrams per hour (mg/h).

As your Ozone Output Rate increases, your machine will take less time to clean your room with ozone.

You will save a lot of time by using a high-ozone output Air Ionizer. In addition to this increase in rate, the cost of your Air Ionizer also increases. Be sure to pick the right one.

Timer Function

You can set the Air Ionizer to clean your room continuously for a specific period of time, after which it stops itself automatically.

The ozone used in ozone cleaning is a dangerous gas, so you should not be present in your room while it’s going on. For that reason, a TIMER FUNCTION is required to stop the Air Ionizer automatically.

You will have to start your machine again if your room size is large, so a machine with a less timer function will not be worth it.

Generally speaking, the Air Ionizers come with a maximum 120-minute timer function, but if your room is large, go for the larger timer ionizers like the AIRTHEREAL MA10K PRODIGI which has 720 minutes of timer function.

Ozone Plate Service Life

Using ozone plates, you can create ozone gas for ozone cleaning your room. These plates should last a long time because replacing them is expensive. You should therefore opt for the Air Ionizer that has ozone plates with longer service life.

Plates made from ozone have a service life of 5000 hours to 20,000 hours. These are long-lasting plates, but they cost more than conventional plates. Some brands, like DKMHA AIR IONIZERS, will replace your ozone plate for free every 5 years.

Airflow Rate (CFM)

It tells you how many cubic feet of clean air (in CFM) your Air Ionizer releases. CFM counts to determine how much space an Air Ionizer can clean.

Therefore, you should purchase an Air Ionizer with a high CFM rating to clean air in your room faster. In addition, as your room size increases, you should also increase the CFM of your machine, as a low CFM Air Ionizer will require more time to clean.

For your room to have proper airflow and ideal air turnover, the right CFM value is also essential.

Noise Level

Machines make noise when they operate because of the mechanism they use.

The same applies to air ionizers; they also make noise. While some brands produce high levels of noise, others with better designs produce low levels of noise.

The one with the lowest noise level should always be your first choice. If you need to remove air pollution from your home, you don’t want to increase noise pollution. Additionally, your children will not be disturbed.


The size of your Air Ionizer is also important as you need to transport it from room to room to clean the air. Therefore, having a small and lightweight Ionizer will make it easier to move from room to room.

When you lift ionizers to carry them, they have well-designed rubber handles that don’t hurt your hands. It is, therefore, best to choose one which is easy to handle.

Air Ionizers need to be made out of durable material to last a long time. Stainless steel is used in some, while other metal alloys are used in others. Make sure that the metal you select is anticorrosive and long-lasting.

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